Welcome to Carey’s Cardboard Castle!


Welcome! This blog castle is going to be chock full of tabletop game reviews for all sorts of different games. I say tabletop, because not all games that will be featured here are necessarily played on boards, but they will all involve cardboard of some type I’m sure. There are a few things I’d like to cover with this introductory post before I start laying out the reviews.

Personal Introduction: Born in 1987 in the Hudson Valley region of New York, I’ve grown to enjoy the geekier things in life. I’ve been playing board games for as long as I can remember, starting with the classics like Clue, Sorry, and Monopoly. However, after college I discovered a thing called a ‘game store’. My good friend told me about this place near by that does Magic: The Gathering tournaments, and said I should get into the game and come with him to one of the events.

The first time I walked in there, it was like I discovered a piece of my life that had been missing all along. This little store was called Money G’s Cards and Collectables. When I found this place, it had only been open less than a year. However, as it grew in popularity, it also grew in size. At first they carried strictly card games like Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon, and YuGiOh. Then miniature war games were introduced in the form of Warmachine. Then Hordes evolved from that, and eventually the store – which I refer to as “The Shop” – relocated down the road to a larger venue. And with the larger venue, came more product. Board games I had never heard of made an appearance, then X-Wing, then Dice masters, it just grew and grew, and kept growing. Moving to larger space after larger space, and acquiring more and more product.

During it’s growth, I became good friends with the owner and recommended different products and became sort of an ambassador of all things non-card game related. Which eventually led me into my board game obsession. As of June 9th, 2018, currently have a little over 40 games which occupy a 6′-6″ tall book case in my living room. A couple more games, and I’ll have to get another one. A lot of my game reviews at first will be of games I currently own, so they may have been out for a few years already, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Which brings me to my next topic…

My Goal: The goal for this blog is to share my love of board games with the rest of the world. While I do that, I hope to inspire other people to get involved in this fantastic… hobby I guess I’d call it, and realize there is an entire world of high quality, entertaining, engaging, and frankly better games out there beyond the ‘Parker Brother classics’. Also, I hope that my reviews will help people make that decision as to whether or not they should buy a game they may be on the fence about.

How it Will Work: Once a week, I will post a blog entry of a review of a unique game. Sometimes this may happen twice a week, but I’d rather promise one week and give the bonus of twice, than promise twice and give the disappointment of one.

The review will talk about my thoughts of the game, how it plays, the style of game it is, how many people it plays, and how long it takes. I will do my best to remember to take pictures, but sometimes I might forget, or not be able to get a good picture, so I’ll use photos of it from somewhere else online.

I’m also open to suggestions of games from readers as well. I’m more than happy to try out something new and report back to you! I’m excited to embark on this adventure, and I hope anyone reading this sticks around and regularly checks back for new reviews!


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